Sunday, December 4, 2016

Brad Zarba, The Biggest Name In Leadership Quality Video on Vimeo Discusses Ethics And Communication

According to the 'Brad Zarba, Biggest Name In Leadership' video on Vimeo, one important factor of your leadership skill set that is frequently overlooked is effective communication. As Brad Zarba makes clear, “It might seem obvious to you what you need doing, but if you cannot convey your message effectively then you may as well save your breath. Describing what your aim is for the company is crucial in ensuring that everybody is working towards the same goals. Indeed, giving instruction to new colleagues and enhancing productivity all depend on open lines of communication. Schedule regular meetings, or implement an 'open-door' policy, so that everyone has an opportunity to vent their frustrations or request additional guidance. It is almost certain that by so doing, trust will increase between your team and yourself. And that is an immeasurable advantage when something goes wrong.

“Again, delegating to colleagues is a strategy that is often forgotten. It is vital to make clear to all your co-workers exactly what you consider is the central vision for your brand. This is an extremely important point to remember. If you are reticent about trusting your team, it is unlikely that they will give your ideas for the business very much credence. Delegating tasks and responsibilities to the appropriate individual or department is of paramount importance – particularly as your company expands. What is of especial significance is discovering the strengths of each individual and utilizing them. If an individual has a talent or affinity for any given task, the chances are high that he or she will put considerably more energy into completing that task creatively and effectively. This will give you much more time to concentrate on areas that lie within your direct remit and therefore have far greater impact on overall productivity,” advises Brad Zarba

As the Brad Zarba Official Account on Twitter continues, “No matter how high you have set your own individual ethical bar, being in charge of a dedicated team or department means setting your own standards even higher. It is of crucial importance to realize that your business – and the employees you have hired – are a reflection of your own moral code. Indeed, if you have implanted a strong moral framework within the company, it is obviously vital that your team and colleagues reflect those values in their day-to-day activities.

“One useful way to implement a defined ethical culture is to create a list of the values and beliefs that you have decided best represent your brand and advertize them around the office from where your team or department works. The promotion of core values should help create a vibrant and cohesive work style, and have a positive and clear effect on the overall office environment, recognizes Brad Zarba

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